Ecological planning is the process of understanding, evaluating, and providing options for the use of landscape to ensure a better fit with human habitation.

City is a product of human social, economic and cultural development, and the most complex type. It is vulnerable to the artificial and natural environmental conditions of interference. In recent decades, with worldwide the acceleration of urbanization, the urban population intensive, heavy traffic, resource shortage, environment pollution and ecology deterioration has become the focus of attention of the human society. At current the environmental problem is very serious. and in many areas and countries, the pollution has quite serious, and greatly influenced and restricts the sustainable development of some regions.

Landscape is the relationship between man and man, man and nature. It is a kind of human living process, and interaction with the powers of nature. The landscape is the result of human life in order to survive and to adapt the natural. At the same time, the living process is also a process of establishing harmonious coexistence, therefore, as a colony landscape, it is a stigma of the relationship between man and nature.

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